Limited 2014

In 2014, after over two decades of success in the local and foreign fashion world, I decided to return to the roots of my design and launch a more limited line, one that was created out of my need to stretch the creative boundaries of my fashion house beyond the typical and beloved lines of the brand’s successful chain of stores.

The name for the brand was chosen because of its less commercial aspect. A unique line of items in limited editions, in series ranging from one of a kind items to dozens only.




The Sources of Inspiration

The ideas for the new line stem from the worlds that enrich my work throughout: love for minimalist and architectural cleanliness, aesthetics that arise from geometric shapes, inspiration from Japanese worlds such as origami, monks’ clothing in temples, and love for the color black and tone-on-tone coloring. 

First Collection

This line was born from introspection. I returned as if in a time machine, to myself as a designer at the beginning of the journey. I looked at the footprints that characterized my first steps, and discovered that a designer’s footprints do not change, but only the way they are expressed. I connected to this DNA from a different and refined place.

The first collection, unveiled in the winter of 2014, came from a place of strength, recognizing my own abilities. Designing winter clothes, by their very nature, allowed me to design a sculptural collection, thanks to the use of bodied fabrics such as wool, felt and quilt. The sculptural materials are accompanied by models made of high-quality, soft and pleasant cotton and viscose fabrics. Although the general look of the collection is based on casual fabrics and sometimes even washed fabrics, the final result creates a meticulous and dramatic look, with cuts full of style, and the final result conveys a high, precise and sharp design.



The Concept Store

The concept store at 155 Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv was renovated and reopened with a completely different look, one that matches the unique concept of the new line. Based on the concept that Limited is a whole world of design experience, I chose to add to the fashion line also a unique collection of fashion accessories and objects from complementary design worlds - all the accessories were chosen by me, and some were even designed in collaboration with me to fit the collection: ceramic utensils, stationery and paper, home textiles, and also necklaces and bags from leading Israeli designers.