Tower of Babel 2019

In June 2018, a fashion event was held on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, celebrating 70 years of Israeli fashion. The producer of the event Motty Reif approached fashion designers and offered to design a model for the event inspired by their family's country of origin. My parents were born in Iraq, and my inspiration for the project was the Tower of Babel.


Old illustrations of the Tower of Babel pictured to me an endless spiral structure, its base wide in the ground and its top in the sky. An unfinished building, with the movement of people going up and down it, and speaking a multitude of languages. This circular movement was a starting point for designing the model.

The Construction 

I created a multi-layered dress made of layers of transparent chiffon. Its structure was made of narrow and long segments, which together completed a circle of 360 degrees. The upper part was chiffon in a body tone to give it transparency and levity, and the lower part in black chiffon stripes with the addition of rhubarb ribbons that moved lightly on the body of the dress. Under the dress, an underdress was built with layers of shrink tulle fabric, to increase volume and movement on the runway.


At this ceremony I also received the "Leading Fashion Designer of 2018" award.