Italian Renaissance 2013

In the winter of 2013, following a trip to traditional fabric factories in Italy, a spectacular collection characterized by rich, wintery textiles was created in our studio.

Tailored woolen fabrics, soft silk fabrics, rich knitwear with an elegant look, and pieces with a lot of shrinkage and fabric folds. All these made me sculpt in the material and create dramatic cuts of special collars and interesting necklines.

 The Photographs

The campaign was photographed by Alon Shafransky. My request was to present the richness of the textiles, with an emphasis on the textures of the fabrics and a frozen, wild, still beauty. We looked at portrait paintings of Caravaggio and Rembrandt, rich paintings on a dark background, as well as oil paintings from the world of the hunters and craftsmen that commemorate the beauty of the period.