Les Vacances 2021

The Spring Summer 2021 collection was designed in the midst of one of the first waves of the Covid-19 virus. The longing for peace and for the world that was here before the epidemic, led me to imagine realms that no longer exist. The collection sails to a naive and imaginary vacation in Africa of other times. Natural and loose fabrics and the silhouettes of the clothes that touch and do not touch the body, created an impressive collection of items with a naive and effortless look.

I went back to the 1920s and 1980s and to silhouettes that correspond with the safari clothes. The items I designed were influenced by cuts of uniforms, suits with lapels and top pockets, natural linen fabrics and effortless cuts, along with fabrics of sensual evening dresses, soft silk and satin.

The Design Concept 

I aspired to design the entire collection in natural fabrics only, with the emphasis being on bright colors and a basic, monochromatic palette. Later in the planning, items with light long sleeves were added to protect against the scorching sun, as well as loose clothes that do not touch the body but keep it submerged. There are dresses that evolved from the base of the male shirt, tie shirts, satin shirts, pants of different lengths such as Bermuda, wide fisherman pants or pleated pants. For the evening wear I designed dresses with a more elegant look, silk dresses decorated with ribbons fluttering in the wind.