Stories within stories I Ronen Chen & Oscar x Frank

The river of life

Life is not linear. Instead, like a river, life meanders from one thing to the next, and a few degrees to the left can sometimes lead to significant sweeping changes. Based on current choices, there is no way to know how the future will unfold. Ideas come and go, weave, morph, and can become new flashes of
inspiration. This is perhaps why we tell stories instead of just thinking about them to ourselves. The very act of sharing ideas is part of being human.
Two stories, two continents.


A significant part of Ronen Chen’s story started in 1986. This was the year he decided against becoming
an architect and chose to study fashion design in Tel Aviv instead.
1986 was also a breaking point when various energies collided, resulting in fabulous artistic creations. Think Ray-Bans, deep lycra miniskirts, leather jackets, and power suits with big shoulder pads.
By his fourth year in college, Ronen Chen was already selling designer fashion at affordable prices. He founded his own fashion house in 1993 with clothes characterized by flattering fit, comfort, minimalism, and versatility. Leaning to monochrome and neutral colors, his range became a sensation, eventually selling in 18 stores all over Israel by 2012. 

Fast-forward about two years to the future and to 2014, when Mitch Burgess and Emma Stephens started designing high-quality sunglasses from Italian Mazzucchelli acetate and top-of-the-line lenses. Their designs were influenced by music, fashion houses, subcultures, and art, and Oscar and Frank, two
miniature dachshunds who became an Instagram phenomenon almost overnight when they started wearing Mitch and Emma’s creations. See the story within the story?
Today, this international quality eyewear is one of the world's top high-end brands at a mid-range price point – luxurious but without breaking the bank. Who knows what would have happened had the river meandered in the opposite direction?

The stories collide.
So how did the two worlds overlap?
‘Oscar x Frank operates in a complimentary industry space to ours,& Ronen Chen explains. ‘The brand is bold, mischievous, often retro, and always full of character.’

‘When you choose Ronen Chen, you must feel confident and at home in your skin. Similarly, there is a distinct and powerful emotion when you choose sunglasses like Oscar x Frank. They made you feel amazing. I found the perfect match for a collaboration brand in OXF.’
The end goal ‘Where we'll end up is not always clear. Like a river, our lives are an exploration. We live and learn and adjust as we go along.’ - Ronen Chen.
Oscar x Frank feels great to wear and is optically correct at the same time. Ronen Chen, in contrast, experiments with the stark, monochrome, playful, and soft. Still writing his own script, Ronen Chen is excited to be associated with this world-renowned Australian brand.
‘Although a small series, OXF has a proud backstory and a formidable foundation for a long and happy collaboration. Part of their slogan is 'perfection redefined' but I am confident that we’ll shift the borders even more and write a fabulous story together.’
Ronen Chen offers the brand with free shipping and returns through their online portal. Oscar x Frank sunglasses are anti-reflective, with inner lens coating to prevent rear glare and offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB harmful rays. They are the perfect way to start a new chapter in your life this summer.