Denim Lab 2018

This collection is made entirely of denim fabric. The inspiration for the collection was created following my trip to Japan in the summer of 2018, and the encounter with the Japanese street. The tension between the modern and the traditional, the wonderful and smart fashion, temporary clothing items with an oversized look and the wonderful aesthetics in every corner, all charmed me in a way that did not let up for a moment, felt like a magnetic connection. These memories made me create a new capsule collection that combined with my “Limited” line and is produced in limited editions. It was a different collection from the current ones that my fashion house issues every season.


The Design Concept

The intuitive choice was raw denim fabric, a fabric that is always relevant, and looks a little different every time. A fabric used in almost every possible direction, from work clothes to street fashion, Industrial Fabrics and Upholstery Committee. The process started with an observation of the raw material and its various characteristics, and from there it unfolded into several different directions, the common denominator of all of them being the fabric and the color. From it, a collection was built that mixed street fashion with high fashion, between new and original, used and washed.


The Japanese influence on the collection are demonstrated in small touches: the use of ribbons and fastening straps that connect to architectural cuts, surprising openings in the garment such as in the underarms of a kimono, items of different lengths and volumes with huge hems, neck openings and more.


Many of the cuts started as one thing, which continued to develop through folding, washing, priming and shortening, until it reached its final form. Some of the cuts look as if they were disassembled and reassembled, with asymmetrical cuts, and visible stitching, sometimes with blue thread and sometimes with white thread, and in fact half of the design and character of the garment comes from the washings and treatments after sewing.

The Campaign 

The campaign that accompanies the collection which was photographed by Dudi Hasson, plays on the tension between the stiffness of the raw denim fabric and the softness of the fabric after washing, and corresponds with the flexibility or stiffness of the human body. The stiff and standing clothes, which require the wearer to be aware of them and their physical presence, the softer ones as if they were already worn and had a previous life.