The Best Winter Fashion Picks by Ronen Chen

The holiday season is in full swing, which means it might be time to update your looks. For some, this could mean an entire closet makeover swapping older pieces for new and refreshing picks. For others, it could mean a quick wardrobe refresh with classic pieces that tend to shift from season to season. Some might like to call these, investment pieces! You know that piece that you might have splurged on, but the cost to wear is out of this world!

Here comes our top picks – those picks that will be staples in your wardrobe. Quickly transitioning from holiday and beyond.

This season we’re prioritizing outerwear that feels luxurious, functional basics, and practical favorites with a twist. The main idea behind these fashion must-haves? To establish a chic wardrobe you can wear over and over again, providing versatility and beyond.

Let’s start with outerwear. Gone are the days of un-flattering coats, just for the sake of warmth. We’ve elevated the classic puffer coat and cold-weather staples to not only feel luxurious and warm but to truly feel like an accessory. The last part of your outfit which ultimately, feels like THE statement piece.


Tailored pieces such as the Cinnamon pants and Ivy jacket are done in plush velvet. An easy transition from timeless silhouettes that exude sophistication with a special twist. Velvet evokes a feeling of luxury.

It’s that cross between comfort in our exquisitely designed pieces with special touches and fabrics that are perfect for every festivity. Whether you’re attending all the holiday parties this season or simply looking for a winter wardrobe restart, these hand-picked items can work for any occasion, but most importantly make you feel your best.