Homage to Israeli Architects 2022

25 fashion designers create a homage to 25 works of Israeli architects, for the Tel-Aviv Fashion Week, Summer 2022.


The Design Concept

I received breathtaking photos of some of the architecht's projects. I chose to base myself on one of the works that combines concrete, geometry and minimalism, which immediately made me think of a pleated dress: clean, calculated and dramatic. On top of the fabric was printed a geometric texture of shadows in gray tones.

The Construction

A sturdy corset with bones is sewn on the body. A pleated dress was engineered over it with a calculated draping technique. With the help of digital printing by Kornit Digital on the fabric, I was able to enhance the effect of shadows and folds and enrich the strength of the garment. To soften the look I designed a very soft hat using the “Quilt” technique filled with acrylic sponges, which, together with the dress created an intriguing motion on the runway.