Heat wave in Tokyo 2019

In the summer of 2018, almost 10,000 kilometers away from home, I found myself with my family in the middle of a heat wave in Tokyo.
When the hot temperature did not drop below 40 degrees, I looked around in amazement, at the pleasantness of the local residents and their ways of dressing: thin and breathable fabrics, cuts that move away from the body and give it space.



The launch point between the heat wave in Japan, the Tel Aviv Summer, and the urban atmosphere became the starting point for the creation of a new collection. 

A year later, in spring-summer 2019, it launched in stores and connected the two points on the map, creating a refreshing, new and exciting breath of fresh air in the local landscape.



About the Collection

The Japanese inspirations bring a variety of interpretations to the look of the mantle, bindings and aprons. For example, wide trousers in a Japanese shell cut, slightly wide at the ankle, stand out in the collection, a black sarafan dress with thin straps in a Japanese look that fits perfectly over a white summer tee, and an airy shell dress with a hook pleat at the waist.

Thin and breathable cotton fabrics characterize the collection, alongside linen, tansel and crisp fabrics. Inspirations from men's button-down shirts with a selection of pinstripes, button-down shirt fabrics with shrink weaves and the use of sewn patches.


Black and white form a precise Japanese basis for the collection, and yellow, red, pink, light blue, blue, jeans, gray and khaki would be added later this season. Prints and textures such as abstract dots, tie-dye, stripe games, arithmetic squares, smooth patchwork fabrics, and the hand-stitched stripe patterns give the collection richness and depth.