The Oversized Blazer.

In fashion, trends come and go, but every so often, one emerges that captures our imagination and
redefines our perception of timeless classics.
The oversized blazer trend is one such phenomenon and is here to stay.
Once associated with formality and tailored precision, the blazer has undergone a remarkable
transformation, shedding its rigid constraints and embracing a new era of relaxed, oversized silhouettes.
This shift in fashion mirrors our collective desire for comfort, versatility, and elegance.
Interestingly, the blazer made its debut in the world of fashion as far back as June 1893, when Vogue
featured an article that mentioned its use in fetching yachting costumes. The reporter wrote, “The
smartest I have seen are those which have perfectly plain skirts with the Eton jacket or the long blazer,
the revers of which flare tremendously and are faced with white.”
At the turn of the century, the blazer became a staple in the wardrobe of the New Woman, often worn
with a shirtwaist and a tailored skirt.
At Ronen Chen, we've fully embraced the blazer revolution, and our oversized blazers have swiftly
become the hardest-working pieces in our wardrobes.
Our oversized blazers effortlessly drape over everything, from breezy summer dresses to jeans and cozy
sweaters during the colder months. It's safe to say that these blazers have transcended seasons and
become a year-round outfit staple, promising to be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe.

Effortless Elegance: 4 Stylish Ways to Rock Your Oversized Blazer.
The oversized blazer has become a powerful fashion statement, allowing you to elevate your look
without complex outfit planning. Here are five chic ways to style them:

1. White Shirt and Straight Leg Jeans:
Begin with our Milan oversized blazer, a masterpiece of low-maintenance elegance.
Pair it with a crisp white shirt and our Austin Jeans for a chic everyday look. The straight-leg jeans
complement the oversized silhouette, making it perfect for casual outings with friends.
(For those who embrace the baggy jean trend, go all-in, but wear a fitted tee or tank underneath for a
polished finish.)
2. Sleek Pants:
Combine your oversized blazer with sleek pants, and add balance with a sophisticated shoulder bag. Our
Jaipur pants complement this look with elegance and style.

3. Dress & White Chunky Trainers:
Embrace oversized proportions by matching your blazer with white chunky trainers, creating a modern,
fashion-forward look. This style pairs perfectly with our Melbourne and London Dresses.

4. Boots and Skirt:
Match your oversized blazer with a skirt and knee-high boots for a classic yet stylish ensemble. This
combination exudes timeless charm and is an excellent choice for various occasions. We particularly
adore this look with our Dakar Skirt.
Taking Up Space in Style.
Multiple versions of the oversized jacket are an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Why not explore
neutrals, plaids, or just the classic black blazer? This trend isn't about hiding; it's about confidently taking
up space and expressing your unique style.
At Ronen Chen, our vision aligns seamlessly with this concept. We aim to provide products that make
you feel confident, express your individuality, and help you discover new facets of yourself. Oversized
blazers perfectly embody this vision, offering endless possibilities to embrace the art of mixing and

As you embrace the oversized blazer trend, remember that it's not just about following fashion; it's
about expressing who you are and unveiling a new side of yourself.
So go ahead, make a statement, and take up all the space you deserve.