Fall in Paris

Clothing is your canvas, and Paris was our inspiration. The concept of ‘wearable art’ is always at the forefront of our minds. Recently the streets of Paris became our muse, and we converged our ‘art’ with architectural influences, pushing the boundaries of fashion. Part of our new pre-fall collection, the Sydney and Havana dresses illustrate this beautifully. In our photo shoot, the garments ceased to be just clothing; they morphed into structures echoing design principles found in the grandeur of buildings and sculptures. Like Paris' captivating architecture, these dresses capture the essence of style and identity, weaving a narrative that's uniquely you.

The Sydney

Blurring the lines between fashion, art, and craftsmanship.

Ronen created the Sydney Dress by constructing pieces and pin material so that it looked like they morphed out of the body. He made something new and spectacular by taking fabric and seeing how it moved.'Clothes are meant to be worn. They are not two-dimensional,' Ronen says. 'The Sydney has to sit and mold onto a human being.'Wear this elegant black midi-dress from soft viscose to make a bold statement about your personality, beliefs, and interests.Our Sydney Dress represents more than just fashion; it's a rebirth of the enduring marriage between fashion and art. Brands like ours take joy in crafting handcrafted, custom clothing, giving life to art-to-wear pieces that transcend time, becoming cherished heirlooms passed from generation to generation. 

The Havana

Beyond Fabric – Sculpting Your Identity
Already a best-seller in Israel, our Havana dress is a unique artistic expression. The demands or trends of the market never constrict Ronen. He feels and follows a need for freedom as he uses materials and techniques to give life to his artistic goals.The Havana Dress is made of 100% cotton and shows large contemporary leaf prints splashed with patches of red. In contrast with its playful material, the design is Victorian and modest. In our Paris shoot, the dress contrasted sharply with the fluidity of sculptures, adding to its allure.Inspired by Iris Van Herpen and her 3-D techniques, Ronen says he wanted to create an authentic piece of art with varying softness and structure. The Havana is like a second skin but is also acting as armor-in-motion. The dress whispers, 'Come look' but also, 'Don't come too close.'

Works of art. Each piece by Ronen Chen is unique and one of a kind due to his personal touch. Handmade items are produced in small quantities, which ensures that there is no overproduction, thus reducing waste. Paris inspired us and improved how we see our Sydney- and Havana dresses. Why not let your body interact with these pieces to create a dynamic and captivating visual?