Intimacy 2020

In September 2020, in the midst of one of the Corona virus waves, my studio continued to work in a very limited format. Most people were at home, it was still not clear to anyone if we were at the end of the epidemic, or if we were in the middle of something bigger, and where it was all going. It was only clear that the world was changing before our eyes. At this time all our stores had been closed for a long time, and only the online site was working and accepting orders. I was left with many questions such as: should I shoot a campaign this season? What do I want to say?

The Inspiration

Everyone's home suddenly took on a new meaning. This was the space we all spent most of the day in. I thought it was best for me this season to speak to people at eye level and transmit what we all need now: a hug, optimism and knowing that in the end everything will be fine.

The Photographs 

I chose to photograph the model Alex Ben Ami this season, and only her, without any other model. Something about her vulnerable and fragile beauty really spoke to my heart and matched the feelings I wanted to convey. In the photographer Dudi Hasson's studio, we built a space that is pleasing to the eye. To the existing concrete walls were added wooden walls in warm colors as well as rich vegetation.

The model just moved in space, sitting on a chair or a sofa, waiting for something to happen. Wrapped in warm and caressing knitwear, staring at the light coming from the windows and radiating soft optimism. The campaign was very successful and received positive reactions and praise on social networks.