The Tribe 2021

Sometimes I come across an image that is so strong, it is burned into my mind. It can be a character, a bold color, sentence, or typography that stands firm in the face of time and place, and it is hard to forget. Different cultures sometimes have this charm. The starting points for the Limited Summer 2021 collection started from the thin line that links Japanese signs and typography, and African and tribal motifs.


The Design Concept 

I wasn't thinking about fashion, but about clothes, which are sometimes worn as layers. A lot of black, a lot of white, and a little seasoning of blues and grays. I used only natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk. I initially designed garments that follow the shape of the body such as shirts and soft pants, then I built very wide models, vests, dresses, and wide jackets. Some have a wrinkled look and texture, and some wrinkle with time and wear. Although the models are ultimately commercial and should function well here and now, I saw before my eyes the clothes of a shaman, a religious priest, or a tribal chief.