Origami Warriors 2014

After 20 years of creating fashion in the local and international arena, I allowed myself to stop for a moment and retrace my footprints. I reviewed my final collection at Schenker from 23 years ago and noticed a direct translation to everything that I am today, everything that has become my footprints: the geometric shapes, the architectural influences, the minimalism and the inspiration that comes from the material and the texture.

I approached designing the new collection with a clean white sheet of paper. Free of extraneous constraints to the design process, attentive only to my inner voice. The voice that has guided me through the years. On the clean page, straight lines were drawn and erased, white paper squares were folded and straightened. Two-dimensional became three-dimensional and shapes arose and took on a life of their own. Only then did the fabrics and materials that followed the folds of the paper enter the design room. The designs were built on the purity of the square, in a limited color palette of black, brown, beige and gold. The silhouettes slowly coalesced into a new look: an ancient and tribal look but also dark and futuristic, a look intended for imaginary Amazons, superheroes, warriors, who founded their own tribe as if they were coming to save the world.