There’s Power in Subtlety – ‘Quiet Luxury’

A return to a trend – that isn’t a trend.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a return to a modest approach to luxury – ‘quiet luxury,’ if you wish.
Quiet Luxury is less fundamental than minimalism but more polished than the norm. It’s Julianne Moore in ‘Sharper’ that meets off-duty Emma Stone. It is a pommeled Gucci bag or a Jill Sander investment coat thrown over a pair of vintage jeans.
Puzzled? We will be the first to admit that it is not easy to define quiet luxury.
It is those classic, staple and chic pieces. It is a mood, a synonym for ‘elevated basics.’ Effortlessly elegant, quiet luxury focuses on tailoring rather than branding, on ‘less is more,’ quality fabrics and timeless pieces that will stand the test of time. Quiet luxury is a breath of fresh air – sometimes not immediately apparent, but when you focus, its designer pedigree is revealed.


Creating the quiet luxury look.
It is possible to create the 2023 quiet luxury look by keeping the following in mind:

  • Invest in high-quality pieces. Premium and durable materials such as silk, cashmere, and leather lead the way to a quiet luxury look. ‘Classic’ will remain in style forever, and investing in high-end items that transcend age, demographics, and decades, will save you money in the long run.
  • Stick to the neutrals. Colors like beige, ivory, black and gray are not only sophisticated but also timeless, making them perfect for achieving a quiet luxury look. They are also easy to mix and match.
  • Tailoring is key. Quiet luxury is all about focusing on fit. The pieces you choose should fit well and flatter your body shape. Choose your classic blazer, for instance, to include more feminine details, such as a cinched-waist silhouette, sharp lapels, and luxury materials.
  • Quiet equals ‘simple.’ Avoid loud patterns and prints and opt for streamlined pieces with a clean silhouette and classic lines. Achieve the look with layering pieces or elevated essentials such as a luxury strong white tee.
  • Classic Accessories. A pair of understated earrings or a simple leather tote can add a touch of luxury to your outfit without being flashy. Opt for ‘timeless’ rather than ‘trendy.’
  • Attention to detail. Pieces with subtle details like delicate embroidery on a shirt or a minimalist handbag can make a big difference when creating a quiet luxury look. Make sure to pay attention to your footwear. A pair that overshadows your clothes can be a miss. Instead, go for sleek arches, clean lines, and pointed toes.

Dive deep into the trend.

‘What are we trying to say?’
One can ask why quiet luxury evolved in our society. After all, fashion does give a voice to what we feel,
our thoughts, and our everyday lifestyle. Ultimately, what we wear is who we are. Post-COVID, last year, people wanted to get out there with brighter colors, big patterns, and hats. We wanted the world to really see us again and claim back what we lost when we had to isolate ourselves.
This year, we are returning to the classic, the evergreen, and the sustainable. Life works in circles, and quiet luxury provides a fresh alternative to excess and consuming just everything before you. The
purpose behind quiet luxury is to own simple pieces and choose quality over quantity. This way, you can cultivate an elegant, sophisticated style that will stand the test of time.
We also must recognize the power of social media. The monochromatic colors and unstated elegance of quiet luxury build a beautiful, practical, easy-to-maintain account feed.
The conversation about quiet luxury has gotten loud. Will you choose simplicity over extravagance?